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Four Golden Book-Bytes from the Braid


If you’re ever in downtown Salt Lake City with some serious book-reading blues, drop by Golden Braid Books¬†(151 south/500 east on the grid) and pay me a visit. Chances are I’ll be chillin’, maybe giving someone an aura reading, maybe finding another collection of Native American poetry to bury my nose in, maybe even writing a pithy limerick on my third cup of coffee. (This is a...

Listening To Wallace Stegner In the New Year


Happy 2016 everybody–   The new year is as much a time for new beginnings as it is for a false sense of optimism. Thinking ourselves to be in a virtual reality simulation (which is partly true, but emphasized at the wrong moments), we imagine that some sort of reset button has been pressed, thus exonerating us from the anxieties and discontents of last year. A “new lease on...

Genie-ology & Some Mormon Magic


The modern practice of learning who our ancestors are (originally a right only reserved for the elite) taps into our deepest, most romantic yearnings. “Imagine, dear son! In our veins runs the blood of kings, queens, rulers, conquerors–you are royalty, child, pure lightning in a bottle!” Indeed, as can be said for the majority of Europeans today. In recent decades, genomic...

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