De La Soul’s Got the Antidote!


For every hip-hop listener in my generation, there’s a cinematic origin story. Ask him where he was when he first connected with Wu-Tang, Nas, Hiero, Redman etc. and you’ll get sprawling descriptions of cassette decks with foam headphones cranked up at the bus stop on cold, windy mornings. Our memories are rooted in the historical fabric of hip-hop; the signposts of old album-releases...

Erykah Badu On Your Hotline


In an information age where yesterday’s content seems like a year ago, discussing an event 6 months in the past is like visiting our grandparents’ generation. Especially when it’s a musical release. I know, what I’m about to do is a little extreme. But it’s not like Erykah Badu isn’t already a part of every audiophile’s listening history, and the more...

My Chiang Mai Story


I’m still plugging away at Chimera, my first published collection of stories. There’s something almost amusing about these oh-so human efforts of mine to conjure this first book. Maybe it’s the theatrical range of emotions that the process seems to call up. It’s not uncommon to feel triumph, despair, doubt, satisfaction and frustration–all in the same sitting...

Slave Labor, Sex Trafficking and The Cult of Air Jordan


Six championship rings, ten scoring titles, five MVPs, one thousand snapshots of athletic transcendence–the legacy of Michael Jordan reads like a record of the immortal accolades of Greek gods. MJ was the apotheosis of sport. He is basketball’s statue of David, less a human and more an ideal. Jordan was wed to the goddess of Nike and on “wings of victory” the two have...

Madlib’s Bad Neighbor: A Stone’s Throw From the Golden Age


In talking with a partner in rhyme from my college years the other day, we commiserated with each other about our lack of interest in most of today’s hip-hop. Not just the de-emphasizing of lyrical bars and fun flows and all that technical stuff that made the 90s a decade-long cipher of dopeness, nah…all of it. The vines; the twitter “beefs” (remember Nas vs Jay-Z?); the...

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