Slave Labor, Sex Trafficking and The Cult of Air Jordan


Six championship rings, ten scoring titles, five MVPs, one thousand snapshots of athletic transcendence–the legacy of Michael Jordan reads like a record of the immortal accolades of Greek gods. MJ was the apotheosis of sport. He is basketball’s statue of David, less a human and more an ideal. Jordan was wed to the goddess of Nike and on “wings of victory” the two have...

The TPP & Modern-Day Abolitionism


Enslave the liberty of but one human being and the liberties of the world are put in peril. ~William Lloyd Garrison~ If slavery and genocide can be found at the heart of the American gestalt, so can abolitionism. In fact, the presence of stubborn luminaries fighting for civil rights, from Patrick Henry to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is a very familiar narrative for U.S history students. And yet...

Building A House Starts With A Single Nail: My First Post


Let’s face it, it used to SUCK being a writer. A day-job, bring-home-the-bacon kind of writer, that is. If you wanted to have your profound words read by the world, it wasn’t just a matter of clicking a button–you had to go through a disinterested third party, commonly known as a publisher, who couldn’t care less about your “satoris in Paris” and literary...

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