The Dawn of A New Collective: Past The Margins presents…The Ritual EP

Past The Margins is an independent music label, artist collective, and paradigm-shifting podcast based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand with these objectives:
  1. To uplift the imagination of humans around the planet via lyrically rich and undeniably inspiring hip-hop,
  2. To give a voice to people on the margins of society through storytelling in a way that allows us to construct new meaning,
  3. To bring writers, artists, producers, thinkers and creators from different walks of life together on a platform that promotes culture, consciousness and innovation, and
  4. To create a space where radical ideas can be exchanged freely.

Our debut offering, Ritual EP, has just arrived in your multiverse. Written, recorded and produced by Chef C, Odd Insyte and yours truly (Prose Minded), Ritual EP is a concept album in which we have attempted to inscribe the totality of day-to-day human experience. How is that possible? Well, each song represents a different part of the day. As you journey through the EP, you are symbolically experiencing the different phases of an earthly day as well.

Every 24-hour cycle offers fresh lessons and opportunities for growth to the individualized consciousness. Living itself is the sacred code of evolution and self-awareness. In the same way, Ritual EP makes an effort to replicate this raw experience in lyrical form. You are no longer the exact same person that you were when you entered it beforehand. This EP is a sonic baptism, an initiation into the future.

Through this platform, you know Prose Minded primarily as a prose stylist. You may have read (or listened to) my book Chimera and browsed through my articles on here over the last couple of years.  My artistic exploits go beyond the realm of literature and the written word, however.  I also revel in the orality of hip-hop and have been exploring its geography of performance and expression since I was an early teen.

The deities of hip-hop expression are rhythm and rhyme. In a rap performance, the artist’s words are one and the same with the pattern of the drum. Together they form a new, hypnotic amalgamate of meaning that affects the listener both consciously and unconsciously. This is the age-old tradition of oral storytellers, medicine men, troubadours and African griots, a kind of cultural ritual that has haunted our languages for thousands of years.

I would like to catalog the Prose Minded lyrics from the EP in this post, both as a warm invitation to listen to this album for free and as an opportunity to experience these rhythmically-oriented lines in a written context. Rhyme has in many ways gone out of vogue in the postmodern era of poetry, but rap on the contrary encourages you to indulge in complex rhyme like a glutton of syllabic harmony. The style of the rhyme is everything, as is the feeling of spontaneity and sense of surprise!

Past The Margins is only getting started, and we have a lot more in store: new hip-hop projects, a storytelling podcast, articles and literary adventures, collaborations with other artists, writers, musicians and purveyors of culture. Included at the foot of this post is a free link to our Ritual EP–don’t forget the password, which you’ll need as well! So take your shoes off, get comfortable. Sunlight is just breaking the horizon, and the first notes of a forgotten melody begin to dance in your ears…


Solar rebirth, Beginning of a cycle
I’m a sunshine disciple, Let the sunlight inside you And
Harmonize everything that divides you
Honor what died and Returned to dust, I’m alive but all my Old selves are burning up
Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, Sometimes currents are rough
Caffeine poured in a cup, young, Yearning for earthly love Trust
Energy never diminished, Eyes open up Cause my story’s not finished
In fact I’m on the opening Sentence and my vision’s Replenished
Cause it’s I-deal reading Conditions Yo,
I put myself in a yoga trance Or whip out some old Soul Train Dance*
Whatever leaves the soul of The morning enhanced, Traveling lifespans
I reach out my fingers and Hold the gold horizonIn my hands
Good morning
Good morning (repeat)
Good morning (repeat)
Good morning (repeat)


Hook (Prose Minded)

Not enough time for
The things that I wanna do
Gotta organize and
Think what I’m gonna do
Put on some kicks then hit
Umong avenue*
Get revenue then
Holla at my retinue
(hook repeats)

Eat something now then I grab a bite for later
If you ask me now I forget what I paid ‘em
If you wanna swipe gotta pick up some more data
Whether I’m in Chiang Mai or maybe in Decatur
Looking for a honey dip who likes David Deida*
Laughing at situations I instigated
No time to waste man daylight’s just slippin’!
Some miss their chances ‘cause of indifference
Gotta put my phone down I know this shit’s listening
Carolina certified cosmic rhyme wrecker
Navigating space time causing star fractures
Earth spinning fast but my mind’s moving faster
Anime colorway re-watching Black Panther*
See weeks in a flash but they never lose their luster
Clouds in the sky lined with diamond clusters
So just bust it, so just bust it 


Prose Minded

By day I’m a slick talker
The sky dims and I turn into a skinwalker
Shimmering through hell fire and windy harbors
If I’m audible I’m ardent this turning planet I’m on it
Verbal stereophonics kids aiming semi automatics at Targets
And they probably copped ‘em at Targets
I’m coppin’ alchemist tonics ‘cause love is a language

And I’m hooked on her phonics
Another S-U-N-S-E-T, celebrating my spirit
Trapped in biology severed from knowledge
searching for that skeleton key
*clears throat*
America what you sellin’ to me? What you sellin’ to me?
I don’t need society telling me how I’m supposed to be
Saw the face of God, it’s made of pearls and serendipity
Why democracy gotta be made
From the blood of kids in the Middle East?
The light fades and the veil thins
Thinking back to the banks my forebears sailed in
Promises mailed in, let’s start a new chapter
As history’s world ends


Prose Minded

Speaking truth to power, I’m down for all of it
Honoring ancestors, I’m down for all of it
Showing self love, I’m down for all of it
Showing you love, I’m down for all of it
I’m down for all of it

I remember all of it
Plane rides when I was a kid hopping continents
Got sick in Shanghai but stayed focused on the positives
Lebanon, Hezbollah guards tried to stop us from crossing in
This was before the ‘07 Israeli bombing
They let us, see Roman ruins without comment
Midnight peels the shroud because this is the
Time memory starts to crowd
Speaking these stories out loud
I know my night owls know what I’m talking about
And my 80s babies go ‘head walk it out
Way before I ever opened a text, I had Stankonia on cassette
Now I’m an author, go ‘head open the text
I wish, JFK had rolled in a vest
I wish, they hadn’t put Pocahontas in a Victorian dress
I’m, Kierkegaard in a Mitchell & Ness
Keeping all these old memories fresh

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