Guest Post–“What Are We Talking About?: Thoughts On Terrorism In Today’s Discourse”

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We have a guest blog post today from my good friend John Brisker in Europe. I know John to be a marked bibliophile with knowledge ranging on topics from historical theology and philosophy to NBA folklore and Western literature. I had to have him on the blog–his erudition always shines through. This article especially highlights the […]

My Reading of “A History of Islamic Spain”

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It might be hard for some to believe, but the Italian Renaissance (as its name suggests) was more immediately derivative than most European histories would be willing to admit. We’re taught that the Renaissance was a sudden efflorescence of Greek classicism emerging from the new socioeconomic soil of an urban middle-class, as though a light-bulb came on […]

My Chiang Mai Story

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I’m still plugging away at Chimera, my first published collection of stories. There’s something almost amusing about these oh-so human efforts of mine to conjure this first book. Maybe it’s the theatrical range of emotions that the process seems to call up. It’s not uncommon to feel triumph, despair, doubt, satisfaction and frustration–all in the same sitting. […]