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Capra’s Tao of Physics: A Marriage of Brahman and Quanta


I find it strange that the 20th century was sold to us as the ultimate battlefield of science and religion. Christian demagogues clashed with proponents of Darwinism in what became something of a comic-strip conflict, which in turn created a consensus that the two fields were as irreconcilable as the freshman classes of Duke and UNC. All the yelling and loud noise, meanwhile, actually drowned out...

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Self-Enquiry in 2000-Now


As I get closer to 30, I’ve noticed a lot of us transitioning from the ‘formless blob’ phase of our early 20s into the absolute, right-angled plots of tentative maturity. With this maturity comes a lot of impressive labels (and some fine print, but that’s another story) that we’re allotted to inform other members of society just ‘who we are’. Some are...

Tiger Temple Scandal Highlights Conservation Crisis


*I originally wrote this for a local Salt Lake magazine, but I guess I overestimated its concern for things happening on the other side of the world. Someone should tell them the butterfly effect is a thing. ~JM    Most of us forget that only a century ago, more than 100,000 tigers freely roamed our planet’s forests. Desensitized as we are to wars, calamities, species extinction and...

Erykah Badu On Your Hotline


In an information age where yesterday’s content seems like a year ago, discussing an event 6 months in the past is like visiting our grandparents’ generation. Especially when it’s a musical release. I know, what I’m about to do is a little extreme. But it’s not like Erykah Badu isn’t already a part of every audiophile’s listening history, and the more...

Guest Post–“What Are We Talking About?: Thoughts On Terrorism In Today’s Discourse”


We have a guest blog post today from my good friend John Brisker in Europe. I know John to be a marked bibliophile with knowledge ranging on topics from historical theology and philosophy to NBA folklore and Western literature. I had to have him on the blog–his erudition always shines through. This article especially highlights the discrepancies haunting today’s political discourse...

Being A Successful ESL Teacher


I never thought that I would be a teacher when I was in high school. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. Giving a simple presentation in front of my English class was enough to put the fear of God in me. Giving lessons in front of a class on a daily basis? Unfathomable. But it’s funny what can happen as you grow into yourself. Our innate capabilities almost sneak up on us, or...

A Night To Remember: Kobe’s 60 & The Warriors’ 73


As my girlfriend and I watched Kobe’s storybook finale and the Warriors’ Herculean triumph unfold at the same time (I couldn’t choose), I couldn’t help but think of Bill Walton. That’s right, Bill Walton, basketball’s hippie Hall of Famer who is  just as well-known for his space-cadet moments on live TV as his legendary playing days in Portland. Why? Because...

My Reading of “A History of Islamic Spain”


It might be hard for some to believe, but the Italian Renaissance (as its name suggests) was more immediately derivative than most European histories would be willing to admit. We’re taught that the Renaissance was a sudden efflorescence of Greek classicism emerging from the new socioeconomic soil of an urban middle-class, as though a light-bulb came on in the darkness of medieval Europe...

Feelin’ Swell at San Rafael: Desert Photos & Haiku


In my last post I told the story of my time in Chiang Mai, detailing all the minor miracles that defined my journey out there and how it led me to where I am today…the state of Utah. I recently read an incredible new scientific paper on quantum dynamics and their relationship to information (message me if you’d like to learn more); one of the things that never fails to quiet my mind...

My Chiang Mai Story


I’m still plugging away at Chimera, my first published collection of stories. There’s something almost amusing about these oh-so human efforts of mine to conjure this first book. Maybe it’s the theatrical range of emotions that the process seems to call up. It’s not uncommon to feel triumph, despair, doubt, satisfaction and frustration–all in the same sitting...

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