Building A House Starts With A Single Nail: My First Post


Let’s face it, it used to SUCK being a writer. A day-job, bring-home-the-bacon kind of writer, that is. If you wanted to have your profound words read by the world, it wasn’t just a matter of clicking a button–you had to go through a disinterested third party, commonly known as a publisher, who couldn’t care less about your “satoris in Paris” and literary ideals, much less your value as a creator.

Imagine all the unknown Prousts, Verlaines, and Fitzgeralds whose contributions to literature were denied at the heavy, embossed door of some prudish publishing agency. Mercifully, those days are over. With the advent of e-books and online self-publishing, the power of dissemination has finally been returned to the dreamweaver.

Which is sort of where I come in. You see, I’ve been given that vaunted gift and dreaded curse called “writing talent”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being boastful or supercilious in saying so, nor do I wish for you to get that impression. Writing is just what I’m good at, and corresponding to this strength are all the weaknesses one might expect from an incorrigible creative: impracticality…forgetfulness…a disturbing absence of know-how in changing car tires…

Yep, that’s me!

So I want to avoid a 9-to-5 in, say, an auto-shop as much as possible, and try instead to make it extremely likely that I can have a career which reflects what I’m actually adept at! Thus, given my dreams, my cognitive makeup, the literary blood in my family and today’s digital writing climate, I’ve resolved to self-publish a pair of ebooks in the fiction genre.

Thus, this website; thus, this blog; thus…Julian’s rocket-launch into the blogosphere!

Like everyone else, however, I have a deeper story. One of intrigue, deception, illicit love, double-crossing…OK, let me stop! None of that is true. However, I HAVE been living in Thailand for the last three-and-a-half years as a teacher, content writer, and performance MC before, just recently, having made a decision to move to Salt Lake City with my girlfriend.

It’s an exciting time, as I have never lived (nor thought of living) in Utah before, and yet I can already tell that it hosts an ideal community for creatives; it’s also a weird time, as I grew extremely accustomed to the liberating expat lifestyle during my time in that most prosperous entrepot of expat-ship, Chiang Mai. Surrounded by a conscious and awakened community defined by ideas and “alternative” solutions, my own natively free-thinking and artistic nature flourished.

So this blog isn’t just the paving of my road to becoming a self-published author, it’s also an organic record of my transition back to America–after having lived and traveled in the colorful frontier known as Southeast Asia–during a political time in which illegal wars are ever expanding and a cosmic moment in which our togetherness as a planetary race has never been more important.

As you can see on my New Projects page, I’m currently working on a novelette called The Scorekeeper and a short collection of short stories entitled Chimera. You can think magic realism mixed with religion, philosophy, and politics mixed with slice-of-life.  I’ll take you along for the ride and provide all manners of commentary, from the academic to the outre, and also give insight on the things I learned as a motorbiking expat of three, almost four years in Thailand. Be sure to check out some of my archived material in the meantime here.

I’m thankful to have you as a guest–have a look around, make yourself at home!

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