Chimera is available in paperback AND now as an audiobook via Amazon, AUDIBLE, ITUNES, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and participating bookstores.

How “chimerical” have we allowed our world to become? Have our ego-driven obsessions shut out the magical such-ness of Being? Chimera takes its name from Greek mythology and, across five stories representing different points of modern crises, spins it into a metaphor for what our human experience is becoming.
Written from the perspective of various “identities” comprising the author’s life (Southerner, American expatriate, hip-hop head, millennial, spiritual thinker), Chimera is a compact, eclectic volume of stories that reflects our global crossroads in a style all its own.

Table of Contents

  • Shedd Wilson, Antiques
  • Follow the Scroll
  • A Search In Siam
  • Second Life of a Tyrant
  • The Scorekeeper
and now presenting chimera the audiobook, officially released on december 20, 2018…
hear chimera read from the voice of the author himself! transformed into a vigil of storytelling, chimera is now a digital experience.

“It’s clear right off the bat that Mihdi has a way with words…beautifully written.” ~Portland Book Review~

“Look out for Mihdi in the future.” ~SLUG Magazine~

Chimera Presentation at Golden Braid Books 5/25/17


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