Chimera is NOW available in paperback AND as an e-book  via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and participating bookstores (including Golden Braid Books and Sam Weller’s in Salt Lake City, Atticus Teahouse and Dolly’s Bookstore in Park City, and Chamblin’s Bookmine in Jacksonville, FL).




How “chimerical” have we allowed our world to become? Have our ego-driven obsessions shut out the magical such-ness of Being? Chimera takes its name from Greek mythology and, across five stories representing different points of modern crises, spins it into a metaphor for what our human experience is becoming.
Written from the perspective of various “identities” comprising the author’s life (Southerner, American expatriate, hip-hop head, millennial, spiritual thinker), Chimera is a compact, eclectic volume of stories that reflects our global crossroads in a style all its own.

Table of Contents

  • Shedd Wilson, Antiques
  • Follow the Scroll
  • A Search In Siam
  • Second Life of a Tyrant
  • The Scorekeeper


“I have seen the Buddha carved in wood, imprisoned in silk, paralyzed in ceramics and splashed on canvas in watercolor; I have seen him sitting cross-legged in jade and emerald, in bronze spray paint surrounded by open-jawed serpents. But here his essence is as elusive as his image is ubiquitous…”  ~A Search In Siam


Chimera Presentation at Golden Braid Books 5/25/17