“Are you still putting that book out?”: Updates on Chimera


I know, I’ve been talking about this book for a long time. Will it ever come out? Is it even real? Am I really a fiction writer? Many questions remain to be answered. There certainly is a big difference between ‘a work of the imagination’ and an imaginary book–the latter isn’t so great for sales! Whatever this ‘Chimera’ is, it’s been gradually asserting itself as a living ‘thing’ in my life over the last year. It refuses to be ignored and usually keeps me up past decent hours. It appears to thrive in over-caffeinated conditions, and its ‘irruption’ into the world’s marketplace has been attended by a rash of startling synchronicity. (Seriously!)

I explain all the particulars in the video–if you don’t have time to watch, just know that I’ll be setting up pre-orders in December/January and will officially release CHIMERA  in Spring 2017. And just out of gratitude to my subscribers for all of your support (and patience), I’m going to release the official Table of Contents here for the first time–check it out…

  1. Shedd Wilson, Antiques
  2. Follow the Scroll
  3. A Search In Siam
  4. Second Life of A Tyrant
  5. The Scorekeeper

(the first 4 are shorts & the last is a novelette)

BOOM! Thanks everyone, and Khob khun kraap…



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