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Tiger Temple Scandal Highlights Conservation Crisis


*I originally wrote this for a local Salt Lake magazine, but I guess I overestimated its concern for things happening on the other side of the world. Someone should tell them the butterfly effect is a thing. ~JM    Most of us forget that only a century ago, more than 100,000 tigers freely roamed our planet’s forests. Desensitized as we are to wars, calamities, species extinction and...

Erykah Badu On Your Hotline


In an information age where yesterday’s content seems like a year ago, discussing an event 6 months in the past is like visiting our grandparents’ generation. Especially when it’s a musical release. I know, what I’m about to do is a little extreme. But it’s not like Erykah Badu isn’t already a part of every audiophile’s listening history, and the more...

Guest Post–“What Are We Talking About?: Thoughts On Terrorism In Today’s Discourse”


We have a guest blog post today from my good friend John Brisker in Europe. I know John to be a marked bibliophile with knowledge ranging on topics from historical theology and philosophy to NBA folklore and Western literature. I had to have him on the blog–his erudition always shines through. This article especially highlights the discrepancies haunting today’s political discourse...

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