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Mark Weisbrot’s Critique of Neoliberal Policy


It’s always amazed me how the thorny issue of international finance is often skirted in our conventional parlor-talk. There seems to be an unsaid rule by which we all pretend that the pieces on the political checkerboard are self-directed, by which we agree not to discuss the big hands that move them. I’ll give you an analogy. Say there’s a big soccer game coming up–if you...

Listening To Wallace Stegner In the New Year


Happy 2016 everybody–   The new year is as much a time for new beginnings as it is for a false sense of optimism. Thinking ourselves to be in a virtual reality simulation (which is partly true, but emphasized at the wrong moments), we imagine that some sort of reset button has been pressed, thus exonerating us from the anxieties and discontents of last year. A “new lease on...

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