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The Genius of Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot”


I have a friend who just returned from Moscow. She’s one of those special people who spreads light around the world with her music and unprejudiced open-heartedness. In fact, when my girlfriend and I were saying good-bye to Chiang Mai three months ago, she arrived that weekend expressly to give us a farewell concert, and it was magical. In Moscow, however, it was different. She experienced...

The Loss Heard ‘Round the World: Warriors’ Streak Halts in Milwaukee


You could sense it. The road trip had begun to take its toll on Golden State. Players were tired, dragging on rotations. The turnovers mounted. 50/50 balls were going the other direction. The green monster of the hostile crowd was sustaining its noise level at a hungry roar. This is it, the streak ends here.  If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because it happened twice in the last two...

Genie-ology & Some Mormon Magic


The modern practice of learning who our ancestors are (originally a right only reserved for the elite) taps into our deepest, most romantic yearnings. “Imagine, dear son! In our veins runs the blood of kings, queens, rulers, conquerors–you are royalty, child, pure lightning in a bottle!” Indeed, as can be said for the majority of Europeans today. In recent decades, genomic...

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