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Madlib’s Bad Neighbor: A Stone’s Throw From the Golden Age


In talking with a partner in rhyme from my college years the other day, we commiserated with each other about our lack of interest in most of today’s hip-hop. Not just the de-emphasizing of lyrical bars and fun flows and all that technical stuff that made the 90s a decade-long cipher of dopeness, nah…all of it. The vines; the twitter “beefs” (remember Nas vs Jay-Z?); the...

Five Things I Miss About Thailand


Since I’ve returned to the States, a lot of people have asked me what it’s like to come back after a handful of years in Thailand. Well,  I’m too much of an airborne Aquarius to answer that question with any satisfying exactitude,  so I figured I’d try to get at the question from another angle–what do I miss the most? This way, I can make one of those linear lists...

Building A House Starts With A Single Nail: My First Post


Let’s face it, it used to SUCK being a writer. A day-job, bring-home-the-bacon kind of writer, that is. If you wanted to have your profound words read by the world, it wasn’t just a matter of clicking a button–you had to go through a disinterested third party, commonly known as a publisher, who couldn’t care less about your “satoris in Paris” and literary...

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